Who has not dreamed of flying as a child?
Do you want to make it happen?

Who is behind Let’s Fly?

Hello, my name is Damián and I am the person behind Let’s Fly and who can make your dream of flying come true.

I was born in La Guancha more than 40 years ago and I am in love with my island. I feel very proud and lucky to be a Canarian and to live in this paradise.

I discovered paragliding in 2007 working on a roof with my brother. Some paragliders were passing overhead and he suggested that we do a course together to learn to fly. I did that course and since then, I have not stopped flying. It is my passion and my escape route, up there hanging from the cloth I feel freer than anywhere else.

In 2013 I prepared myself to obtain the title of Two-Seater Pilot and during these years I have not stopped training with flight safety courses (SIV) and recently the title of Sports Technician. In addition, I have been fortunate to work with great professionals in the sector where I have acquired valuable experience.

But it was not until the end of 2017 that I launched into this project, Let’s Fly, where I am fortunate to make my passion my profession.

15 curiosities about me:

Many know me as “El chatarra”

I'm a real ax making mojo

I have a Rottweiler called “Calcetín”

I don't like going to beaches, I prefer puddles

I like to watch Moto GP and I am a fan of Marc Márquez

I easily get excited about movies

For 10 years I competed at the regional level with the Quad and I was not bad at all

I can hear the slightest abnormal noise in the car

My oldest daughter once told me that he was a “fixer”​, an adjective that I really liked

I traveled for 4 months in a van through Europe, we got to Norway!

My dream and next goal is to have a camper van again

My daughters are the engine of my life


The basic flight is for you if you want to start paragliding and have a first contact.

110 €
Approximate flight duration: 15-25 minutes.


If you are a nonconformist, one of those who want something more than a walk in the sky, this flight is for you.
150 €
Approximate flight duration: 30-45 minutes.


Enjoy the sensation of free flight flying over the Protected Natural Area of Ifonche.

130 €
Approximate flight duration: 15-25 minutes.


With one of the highest slopes in Europe (2,300m). We take off at the summit of Teide to land at sea level.

180 €
Approximate flight duration: 30-45 minutes.