Anti COVID-19

Preventive measures

The preventive measures against COVID-19 contained in this page are mandatory to guarantee your safety and that of other people. Failure to comply with these measures, as well as the presentation of symptoms associated with the contagion of COVID-19 will be the object of the denial, by our staff, of carrying out the experience. In this scenario, the amount of the reservation will be refunded.

Mandatory mask

During the course of the activity as well as in the vehicle and take-off and landing areas, the mask is mandatory.

Minimum safety distance

In both the take-off and landing areas, the minimum safety distance must be maintained with the rest of the people who are in the vicinity.

Hand disinfection before flight

We will provide hydroalcoholic gel for hand disinfection. The product will be dispensed by company personnel to ensure proper hand hygiene.

Limited capacity in the vehicle

Only people from the same group will go in the transport vehicle, that is, who have jointly booked the activity.