Paragliding in Tenerife

Enjoy Tenerife from a bird’s eye view with our Paragliding flights in Tenerife.
Experience new emotions and sensations from above!

They say that flying gives you freedom…
paragliding in tenerife

Parapente en Tenerife

Disfruta de Tenerife a vista de pájaro con nuestros vuelos en Parapente en Tenerife.
¡Vive nuevas emociones y sensaciones desde las alturas!

Dicen que volar te da libertad...

Let's Fly Paragliding in Tenerife

When was the last time you really felt free?

Would you like to disconnect from everyday life to glide through the clouds like a bird?
Are you tired of the usual activities carried out by people who hardly know the island?
Would you like to enjoy Tenerife from another perspective that very few have seen?

Paragliding in Tenerife is the activity you were looking for!

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If what you are looking for is to do something completely different, see Tenerife from a bird’s eye view and enjoy new experiences and sensations… Paragliding in Tenerife will not delight you! will disappoint! All our pilots are locals so they know the place like no one else, so during the flight we also show you and explain all the details of the areas flown over. Areas that you have probably previously visited on foot or by car and others that you would never have seen if not from the air.

Our paragliding flights in Tenerife

Basic Paragliding Flight

The basic paragliding flight in Tenerife is for you if you want to get started in paragliding and have a first contact. Take a walk among the clouds and discover the sensations of free flight.

110 €
Approximate flight duration: 15-20 minutes.

Performance Paragliding Flight

If you are a nonconformist, one of those who want something More than a walk through the sky, performance paragliding in Tenerife is for you. Awaken new emotions!

150 €
Approximate flight duration: more than 30 minutes.

Paragliding Ifonche

Enjoy the sensation of paragliding in Adeje, a free flight flying over the Protected Natural Space of Ifonche and land on La Enramada Beach in La Caleta.

130 €
Approximate flight duration: 20-25 minutes.

Paragliding Izaña

With one of the highest slopes in Europe (2,300m). With our paragliding flight in Izaña we take off at the summit of Teide, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to land at sea level.

180 €
Approximate flight duration: from 30 minutes.

Paragliding acrobatic flight

Experience pure adrenaline with our exciting acrobatic paragliding flight.. Adrenaline to the max!

130 €
Approximate flight duration:​ 15-20 minutes.

Paragliding Jump in Tenerife, Safe and Relaxed!

Forget about vertigo, fear and nerves because paragliding in Tenerife is one of the the safest and most relaxed adventure activities.

And if adrenaline is your thing, reward: paragliding is like a rocking chair, very calm… until the acrobatic flight begins and it is as if the rocking chair had become a wild roller coaster.

We can offer you a calm and relaxing paragliding flight or an adrenaline-filled flight: you choose!

These people have already paraglided in Tenerife with us

What are the paragliding experiences in Tenerife like?


Don’t worry about how to get there and back, since the price includes the pick-up from your hotel or meeting point, as well as the transfer to take-off.


Bring closed sports shoes and comfortable long pants, we will provide the rest. We will give you some simple instructions so that you know exactly what to do.


This is where nerves and fears disappear. It’s time: relax and enjoy the sensation of paragliding and seeing the Tenerife landscape from a bird’s eye view.​


Once you have your feet on the ground and with a smile that probably won’t fade all day after your paragliding flight, we take you back to your hotel or meeting point.

Why fly in Paragliding with Let’s Fly?

Experiencia y cualificación

We have more than 10 years of experience in the world of paragliding in Tenerife. We have qualified and very experienced local pilots who know the flight areas like no one else.

Regulated Safety

We have all the regulated documentation: insurance, qualifications and flight licenses to enjoy the activity in complete safety.

Images and Videos

Optionally you can purchase the card with the videos and images of your Paragliding flight experience crossing the skies of Tenerife. A memory for life that you can share

Paragliding in Tenerife is our passion

And sharing it with you is what makes us most excited: there is no greater reward for us than once we land to see your smile of satisfaction!

We have been paragliding for more than ten years, all our pilots are local and know the skies of Tenerife, its mountains and climate like no one else, so you will not find better guides than the Let’s Fly pilots. In addition, we have all the qualifications and regulated documentation.

But if there is something that all passengers agree on, it is the treatment received. Let’s Fly pilots are characterized by offering a close and casual treatment. It is very likely that you will arrive somewhat nervous to the activity, but with the self-confidence and, above all, the confidence and security, that our pilots will transmit to you, we will break the ice and share with you our passion for flight and the sensations it offers..

Two things that we are asked a lot before a Paragliding flight in Tenerife

It is not a problem because in paragliding flight there is no feeling of vertigo when flying since we lack spatial references.

That is, by not having contact with feet or hands with a surface, we have no reference to the ground or any fixed point, but we feel that we are sliding through the air.

Without a doubt, safety in our work is one of our main objectives since we are the first ones interested in returning home safely to our families.

In paragliding, safety depends on:

Pilot training, which is essential since the rest of the factors will depend on it and with Let’s Fly you can be completely calm because all our pilots are certified by the Spanish Air Sports Federation with the two-seater title. They are experienced pilots with a minimum of 10 years of flight experience who also compete in single seat at regional and national level.

Weather conditions, which must be perfectly interpreted by the pilot. As we have mentioned, our pilots are highly qualified and if the conditions are not clear at the time of takeoff, the paragliding flight will be postponed to another time at no cost to you.

State of the equipment, it is essential not only to have good equipment in perfect condition but also to review and renew it frequently. We do not skimp on our equipment, so we use the latest generation, which is also renewed at least once a year.

If you still have doubts, here you will find the most common questions

We are continually reviewing the weather forecasts, so we always try to organize meetings when they are optimal and if this is not the case, we will contact you to arrange another meeting with more favorable conditions.

This happens very rarely, but since these are weather forecasts, there is a possibility that the conditions will change and that at the time of takeoff the pilot will decide that it is better not to fly. In this case, we would try to organize the paragliding flight in Tenerife for another time or we would proceed with the refund of the amount paid: Because your safety and that of our pilots is paramount.

If you have continued reading up to this point it is because you feel like it and you are curious, so definitely not. At Let’s Fly we have flown with passengers between 6 and 87 years old so age is not a problem at all. Flying is a question of attitude, of leaving your comfort zone and exploring new sensations. Of course, for safety reasons the only requirement is to weigh between 30 and 100 kg.
No physical condition is necessary for paragliding since we will only have to take a few steps at takeoff before flying. So, if you are able to take a few small steps, you will be able to fly!
To paraglide you must come with comfortable clothing; Better long pants than short ones since the higher the altitude, the lower the temperatures. In any case, we will offer you a jacket. But above all you must come with closed sports shoes.