Paragliding acrobatic flight

Experience pure adrenaline with our exciting acrobatic paragliding flight.

Flight from Taucho takeoff at 800m altitude

Feel the pure adrenaline with our thrilling acrobatic paragliding flight. Are you ready to feel the wind on your face while performing dynamic maneuvers and spectacular turns in the air? Our acrobatic flight offers you this and much more.

Under the supervision of experienced and certified pilots, we guarantee not only a safe flight but an adventure that will turn your world upside down, literally. With tight turns, rapid spirals, and dizzying descents, every moment in the air will be filled with excitement and awe.

This experience is designed for those seeking more than just a simple flight; it’s for the adventurous at heart, adrenaline seekers, those who want to experience the sky in a completely new way.

Safety First

Our team utilizes the most advanced equipment and maintains the highest safety standards. We provide you with a comprehensive briefing to ensure you feel comfortable and secure at every stage of the flight.

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A Personalized Experience

Each flight is tailored to your desires and comfort level. Whether you’re seeking an intensely acrobatic experience or something a bit gentler, we cater to your preferences.

Ready to fly beyond your limits? Join us for an unforgettable journey in the air!


130 € per person

Flight Time

15-20 minutes

Duration of activity

2 hours